Creative IKEA Cubes Storage Ideas

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Top IKEA Cubes Storage

IKEA cubes storage – Many people struggle with organization and clutter in their homes.  In addition to being versatile, IKEA cubes storage come in many different finishes and styles to complement most characterize or to fit the intended purpose. The best part is that many of them are stack able.

A child’s room or a dorm room may be the hardest room to keep organized. Children often pay little attention to how things are going, and the dorm rooms are usually very small and shared with another person. Get a pair of IKEA cubes storage to solve this problem. Plastic cubes are light, durable and come in many different colors to complement most rooms. Get your college student cubes in multiple neon colors, so he can mix and match, or help your child pick out a color to her room. Also look at the uses of various cubes. Some are open as bookshelves make them perfect for books and note books, movies and CD. Others have drawers for storing art supplies, small toys, printer paper, shoes and sandals. Dice with swing doors are perfect for storing dorm snacks. Stable cubes around a window at the end of a bed, or in several smaller configurations under the bed or on top of a dresser.

Create your own pantry with IKEA cubes storage. Some cubes come in laminate wood-poplar and mahogany while others come in black or white. Stack dice on an unused wall or on top of existing low shelving. Set them up in a stair-step pattern and put vases of flowers and serving spoons on top. Inside cubes with drawers, store snacks, tea towels and plastic storage containers. Put spices, pasta, canned goods, flour and other dry ingredients into cubes with doors and some come with shelving inside, but for those who do not, buy wire mesh shelving. Some dice will come with X-shaped shelves, creating triangular storage in them. Use these to store bottles of wine or other alcohol, olive oil, or even put small bottles of beer or soda in them.

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