Covering Sofa Bed With Chaise

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Black Sofa Bed With Chaise

Sofa bed with chaise-A cover will help extend the life of the furniture, which covers blemishes, injuries, age or other issues. A sofa bed is a rare type of couch with a reclining seat and back and a single arm that also serves as a backup when a person is in a reclined position. The unusual shape of the cart can make it seem difficult to cover, but this is an illusion; often a sofa bed with chaise can be covered without too much effort a person handy with a sewing machine.


Place muslin along the back of the back of the sofa bed with chaise. Place muslin along the back of the cart (if you lying on its length). Let the fabric to hang 2 inches below the top of the feet. Place the muslin over the seat of the cart as fabric drapes over the front edge to 2 inches above the top of the feet.

Cut the fabric with scissors where it wraps around the shortened back so you can attach the fabric to the first piece of muslin with a half-inch seam allowance. Sew the seams together. Soothe your rounded areas with 3/8 inch cuts in the seam margins and cut corners to remove excess fabric.

Open seams on muslin slipcover. Iron pieces. Place the muslin over washed decorator fabric. Attach the cover in place. Pin the fabric along the bottom so the hem covers the entire visible structure in the original trailer.

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