Cool White Carrara Marble Tile Bathroom

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White carrara marble tile is a classic material for bathroom that exudes elegance, whether paired with minimalist or opulent details. Depending on your budget and tastes, you can incorporate as much or as little marble in your bathroom to your liking, since practically any item in room is available in material, countertops and sinks, floor and wall tiles. And if real marble is out of your price range, alternatives such as cultured marble can give a similar appearance.

White carrara marble tile attaches great theater with large and faint black stripes on white. It is used extensively in part of saddle or threshold at entrance to bathroom. If you are looking vibrant decorative marble pieces, it can also be used as a sink, a counter or floor. Grading work in black and white and well to contemporary designs or classic looks. Some pieces packed color accents against a land extra touch sober but elegant marble. Pairs exceptionally well with pastels or ice blues, giving your bathroom a sense of freshness and cool.

While white carrara marble tile is a classic indoor waiting for old world, synonymous with elegance, you can also dress a contemporary interior. If aesthetics tend to minimalist, marble pieces maintain its minimum, balance with other materials. Take advantage of clean lines of stone, avoiding too many curves or decoration. For a stylish bathroom sink, opt for a single sheet of marble with a depression for sink. Using same material for both countertop and sink basin itself complements clean lines and sensitivity contained in a more contemporary look.

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