Cleaning Berber Carpet Tiles

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Berber carpet tiles – Berber carpet tiles make decorating your home or office floor easily and conveniently. Berber carpets are widely recognized as durable rugs that can be used in places where there is a lot of traffic, and they last a very long time. The only setback is that if you have a wall-to-wall carpet, and it will stain you might have some trouble cleaning it.

The process cleaning Berber carpet tiles depends on what your tiles are made ​​of. Berber carpet tiles made ​​of olefin can be cleaned with steam cleaning. The problem is that the cleaning solution is normally slide down the shaft of the fiber because it is not absorbed by the carpet. Tiles made ​​of olefin usually have to dry for a very long time because of this.

Berber carpet tiles from nylon are best cleaned with water-based cleaning agent. This is in part taken up in the fibers, while the rest of the solution to drain to the bottom. The drying time of the blanket is still much shorter compared with the carpet made ​​of olefin fibers? Berber carpet tiles made ​​of wool fiber is very resistant to ordinary dirt and stains. They are best cleaned by some dry method of cleaning. The one thing you must be careful of is the pH level – it must be neutral. A high level of pH solution that you use on the carpet will ruin the wool carpeting over time.

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