Classy White Mosaic Tile Shower

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White mosaic tile act almost like ink on paper, allowing you to “draw” be filled with brown, earthy patterns and coloration it offers a wide range textural which may include natural stone, as well as possibilities of usually ceramic tile.

Give your actual class surround shower, using a pattern of “Greek Key” as top and bottom border. Use standard 4-inch tiles to cover all brown walls, leaving a 6-inch wide band at bottom and top of walls all around. Use 1-inch tiles to pattern through borders with black tiles as lines on a background of white mosaic tile. Search for images using “Greek key pattern” as keywords to find role models in organization of your tiles.

You can mix white mosaic tile with brown as predominant color of wall. Use tiles 12 inches to create large rectangles on each side of shower centered at 6 inches from top, bottom and both sides. Immediately adjacent to main color, with black outline each rectangle 1 inch tile. Follow black tiles row with remaining 4-inch color – white or brown. Finally, summarizing each rectangle with another row of black tiles 1 inch, to close gaps between rectangles and finish shower, giving each wall a neat appearance, framed separately.

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