Classic Queen Size Bunk Beds

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Queen Size Bunk Beds Color

Queen size bunk beds different models, modern Japanese style, romantic beds, classic or sophisticated. Larger beds super dream of many people to rest. They are considered luxury beds, which can be found in many hotels. The difference is in the type size queen size have a size slightly smaller between 1.75 cm and 1.80 cm wide by 1.90 or 2.00 long. The King Size is slightly larger.

They have a wide measure two meters by 2 meters long, 2 × 2. Among the advantages, queen size bunk beds allow a wide area for relaxation, a meter wide per person, ideal for very tall people or seeking a spacious bed. The larger size also makes it comfortable sleep in these beds.

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Or romantic shabby chic queen size bunk beds style. Canopy bed in shabby chic style white is the absolute protagonist, as in this bedroom where until the lamp is white. Only striped headboard and two small benches upholstered in blue. The bed is on a wooden frame canopy. In this case there are no curtains but you can add fabric or curtains curtain type translucent smooth or patterned. At IKEA you can find this type of frames to turn your bed into a canopy bed

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