Choose The Kitchen Floor And Wall Tiles

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Top Kitchen Floor And Wall Tiles

Kitchen floor and wall tiles – Choosing a kitchen floor that will stand up to the test, your lifestyle and your taste be the ultimate goal. This task is not easy because of the wide range of materials, styles, designs and finishes available, but you can narrow your choices with research and planning. You can remove those who do not fit your criteria quickly, so you can safely choose the best option.

Choose the kitchen floor and wall tiles, determine your lifestyle. Consider your budget. Tile prices run the gamut from inexpensive peel-and-stick vinyl to high-end porcelain. After researching production, you can decide which kitchen floor and wall tiles fits within your budget. If your kitchen is a busy area, investing in durable floor offers peace of mind and satisfaction. Select a type. Shared kitchen tile materials include vinyl, ceramic, granite, marble, terracotta and slate. For durability and minimal maintenance, ceramic and vinyl are good choices. Marble, granite and slate are prone to staining and scratching. Tile must be installed over a flat, stable sub floor to avoid cracking.

Choose a style, color and finish. Compare kitchen floor and wall tiles samples with your kitchen cabinetry, counter tops and walls. Many kitchen floor and wall tiles retailers will let you check samples or buy individual tiles.  Determine the amount of tiles required. Measure the kitchen floor and wall tiles to get square footage, then use this measurement and the tile size to calculate the number of tiles required to cover the floor. Add extra tiles to unusual niches, areas that will require cut tiles and replacement of damaged tiles.

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