Choose The Best Horizontal Murphy Bed

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Large Horizontal Murphy Bed Ideas

Horizontal Murphy bed – There is several different types of horizontal Murphy beds, and choose the best depends on the space you have available, your style and your budget. A horizontal Murphy bed can be purchased ready-made or in a kit that requires some assembly, or can be customized by a carpenter and built himself. Designs can be as simple as a metal or as elaborate as integrated cabinets with motorized mechanism to raise and lower the bed.

To find the right horizontal Murphy bed for you, start by measuring the space intended for the bed. If the bed is to be used for children, a double-sized hands, but adults will be more comfortable on a full or queen size bed. Next, consider the surrounding decor. If you choose a Murphy bed that has a cabinet encasement should match the room’s style. Some horizontal Murphy bed has additional features such as shelving, storage cubbies and integrated desk and table. These types of beds are usually more expensive, but in small homes, the extra storage and functionality bed is worth the extra cost. Decide if you prefer a manual bed, which is raised and lowered by hand, or a mechanical bed, which is electrically powered. Powered beds are usually more expensive but may be necessary if the bed will be regularly used by small children or older adults who cannot drive a manual bed.

Finally, determine your budget.  If you find you need more features, which are expensive in finished designs, consider hiring a carpenter or construct the bed itself. In some cases, a carpenter builds a custom horizontal Murphy bed for less than the cost of a finished device. You can also search ads, online auction sites and used furniture shops owned Murphy beds, which are usually cheaper than new beds.

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