Chick Small Sofa Bed Design

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Stylish Small Sofa Bed

Small sofa bed – Chick one kinds of small sofa bed. Chick is a small sofa bed with slats and Lampolet mechanism. Become a French bed 140 cm or double 160 cm completely removable cover. Chick is a small sofa bed and compact with slats and Lampolet ideal mechanism to provide a comfortable sleeping surface for your guests. Armrests and quilted cover are removed to allow the opening of the front slider network.

The polyurethane mattress is folded in half and is open to the book. This allows small sofa bed, despite its small size, to obtain a French double bed or standard of 196 cm depth. In order to exploit the width of chick at most of the love seat armrests are removable, both in the 141 cm model in the 161 cm model. Once opened, the bed, the structure that supports the backrest becomes a comfortable headboard.

This functional and small sofa bed is made by milano bedding in two models: chick with legs high in metal or chick 2 Long cover up the ground. Chick can be completed by a set of two rollers with integrated pillows, to be positioned on the backrest. The rollers are made to match the sofa; the coating is a choice of pillows.

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