Chic King Platform Bed Frame

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Classic King Platform Bed Frame

King platform bed frame – With their low profile and sleek lines, look platform bed frames modern, classical and expensive. In fact, you can easily pay hundreds of dollars or more for a ready-made platform bed on most designer furniture stores. Fortunately, the simple design means it is easy to make a similar model with material that you can buy for just a few hundred dollars in a hardware store. And with a little attention to detail, no one will ever know the difference.

The Japanese king platform bed frame is low to the floor and consists of a tatami mat or platform, Shiki futon pad and a comforter. These simple items make up Japanese bedding system is known for its health benefits and treatment of back pain, posture and circulation. This bed is also called a Montessori floor bed by those versed in the traditional Montessori educational techniques.

Select a king platform bed frame with high positions to support a canopy. Finding a padded corner chair that is carved, inlaid and gilt. Depending on the size of the bedroom, look for an armoire in European Baroque or Louis XV style. Check antique markets and also look online for baroque bed hangings. Check baroque master artists like Caravaggio, Bernini for inspiration.

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