Charming Wood Plank Porcelain Tile

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Wood plank porcelain tile gives the house a warmer environment than any other material. It’s not just texture, but especially the warm contact with the feet. The natural parquet usually breaks more in the long run, even if it is of good quality, you can stab and leave as new. It can also be placed on any existing flat surface (except parquet, since it is not sufficiently rigid), so there will be no need to remove the existing pavement or tiling. Its thickness is around 2mm, it has a good range of colors and its price is competitive.

Currently it is difficult to differentiate a prima facie wood plank porcelain tile or laminated synthetic one. The laminate flooring is usually more resistant (it is advisable not to put less of a hardness AC4) both shock as to chemicals and moisture, so you can now have parquet flooring in the kitchen and in the bathroom!

Such materials are colder than wood plank porcelain tile, so usually are usually placed in warmer floors. The stone is much stronger than the tile in general, but when it comes to choosing a floor is almost more important to know the degree of porosity of the stone as much tile you want to place. The more porous the material more will get dirty and can be stubborn stains.

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