Carpet Over Tile For Hardwood Floors

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Carpet Over Tile Decorations

Carpet over tile – You can install just above a carpeted floor of hardwood. If the wood is damaged, scratched or simply very old, the carpet will be an excellent way to improve the appearance of the house . You do not need any special preparation for installation. However, you may want to think about first place some foam or rubber above the floor. That will give something to hold onto the carpet, and also prevent the soil from falling through the carpet and hardwood scratched as the carpet moves above it.

The next step is the installation of a carpet hallway on the hardwood floor. Just set the carpet over tile on the floor around the edges with suitable nails. In the case of hardwood floors on plywood subfloors, wear nails 1 inch (2.54 cm) or wood. For wood installed over concrete, you have to use tack strips of concrete with concrete nails. Walls lined with strips. Then create a threshold in the next room by installing a strip 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) away from the edge where the carpet meets the entrance to the other room.

Now place the carpet in the room. It begins on a wall and brings the right edge against the mold. Kick it or push it into place so that it is well matched. Then apply pressure with a tool for attaching to the carpet tack strips. Jala or carpet stretched from one end to another room until the remaining set of strips and repeat. Then pull the carpet over tile to the entrance where you placed the last set of strips.

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