Building Wire Mesh Fence

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Custom Wire Mesh Fence

Wire mesh fence – One of the easiest ways to install a wire mesh fence is to use wire mesh walls. With the help of a friend or two, each of these panels can easily be attached to two fences with consoles. The wire mesh fence has sometimes been paired with an electric fence charger to control larger animals. The wire mesh can be used as barriers to keep animals in or out of your property. They can keep hens, dogs or horses inside the fence while keeping predators out.


Hammer in a game for the first corner post with your club, and then hammer in one bet for each corner post. Connect the leader to each corner insert to adjust your fence. Use a wire mesh fence to show where each bet should be placed along the leader. Use a post whole digger or spade to dig a post hole replacing each insert around the perimeter of the fence. Dig down on each hole slightly larger than the top to hold each fence post anchored.

Pour two slurries of gravel into each hole for drainage and then place an insert in each hole in an upright position. Spade concrete into each hole of up to an inch above the hole; build a mound around the base of each post. Aim each wire mesh fence pole with one level tool. Tighten the fence pole with two rods, and allow it to dry thoroughly for two or three days. Use a fence panel as a guide to rack up donkeys on each post. Use a level to make sure the fence panel is aligned properly, then mark where the upper and lower brackets should use chalk spray.

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