Build Slide For Castle Bunk Bed

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Pink Castle Bunk Bed

What could be better for your little princess to have a litter with a castle? They also may have an escape slide attached to the castle bunk bed for those times when you need quick escapes. With the aid of a miter saw, cutting a 45 degree angle at the ends of each beam 2.45 m and 5 x 10 cm on the flat sides. These angles will contact existing platform and floor. These beams fixed to the bottom of the plywood, placing the flat side, 15.25 cm of each side using wood screws.

With the help of a miter saw, cut a 45 degree angle in the extensive sides in the other two beams of 5 x 10 cm and then paint them gray for castle bunk bed. When dry, use black paint to decorate with a pattern of stones and let it dry again.

Take the measurement from the floor to the area of the slide where the beam 90 cm and 5 x 10 cm provide support. With the help of wood screws, fixed beam to either side grips; these grips should be placed at 90 degrees to the floor because this way they form a pair of legs in the middle of the slide for castle bunk bed to generate support and stability.

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