Build A Wooden Board On Board Fence

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Wood Board On Board Fence

A wooden board on board fence can define your property line in an attractive way, and offer you a degree of privacy. Having a fencing company install one for you is one way to do it, but it’s usually a costly proposition. Building one’s self is undoubtedly a lot of work, but in reality it is not that complicated. Here is how to carry out this rewarding DIY project.

Ideas for build a wooden board on board fence. Decide where you want your fence to go and rethink the position of the first corner post. Rethink the position of the next corner post and connect them with a piece of string. Make sure that the chain stays taut so it can help you accurately align all your entries and result in a good vertical obstacle. Use a tape measure to make a mark of 8 feet from the center of the first stake and insert your next stake in this place, making sure that the game sits against the string you just attached.

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Use of one post whole digger, dig the hole first fence post. Then for build wooden board on board fence. Add water to the concrete mix, making sure that you follow the instructions on the bag, and pour concrete into the first post hole. Press the down arrow on a fence post in the hole so that the bottom of the pole rests on the layer of gravel you just added. Use a level to check that the position is plumb and then move on to the next entry and repeat the procedure. Remember to revisit each position, as it is put in concrete, checking with your level in order to make final adjustments, if necessary.

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