Billiard Room Decor Ideas

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Billiard room decor – If your home is a big house and you’ve covered the basic needs as far as distribution is concerned ( kitchen , bathrooms , bedrooms and living room ), but still plenty of space and you do not know what use to give, try to destine to leisure . Recently you were proposing to build a home theater, another time we opted for one winery, so this time we suggest installing a billiard room.

Billiard room decor, whether you are fond of this game as if you want to take the opportunity to get started in a pool not only gather family and friends around the table, but also help your decorate the room where you locate.

Billiard room decor, gone are the typical wooden tables classic style with green fabric coated on (remember the games that were held on grass). Today can be seen pool tables as varied, more or less storied, in any type of wood or metal, with more or less straight lines, and even with a central volume instead of the usual four legs, as well as any color fabric to consumer tastes. When installing a living these features, you must first decide where to locate your table.

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