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Wood look ceramic tile – By mixing timber with other items in a surface problems usually occur at joints between different reasons (moisture absorption, dilation of pieces …). By using a composition of wood with a ceramic tile traditional finish you can reproduce that effect forgetting the inconvenience. While a traditional pavement each section corresponds to a part, in this case, each piece is a hexagon large format. Result: The installation can be done in less time. Be careful to respect the tone of the board to not disappear parquet effect.

One advantage of wood look ceramic tile is their versatility. A wall can be tiled with the same material used on the floor and create a sense of depth in a room. Another advantage is that you do not need baseboards or other transition element to combine with painted walls. A variety of ceramic in light colors that allow you to play a Scandinavian feel in any room

Wood look ceramic tile in this case does not reproduce faithfully, but a decorative appeal, a contemporary reinterpretation of the material, no matter where photorealism, but quite the opposite. Each piece seems created in a drawing canvas with a thick line treatment of wood and simplified. Are large tiles which also can be combined in different colors?

Wood Look Ceramic Tile Ideas

Wood look ceramic tile – The imitation wood tiles or ceramic tiles is a new trend in home decor in recent years is super modern. Such tiles are nothing new has always been on the market right now but have begun to be used largely thanks to innovations in technologies that make even more similar to natural wood tiles. In this case will explore a relatively new element, but popular in interior design talks about the use of tiles that mimic wood also on the walls. Despite its convincing aesthetic wood, these images actually feature ceramic tile. Some of the obvious benefits relate to cleaning and maintenance, its ecological attractiveness and its ability to adapt to the ground and be radiant.

Wood look ceramic tile being a more sustainable product that timber is still harvested illegally from forests in the developing world, it is normal that as the popularity and the subsequent production of tiles that mimic wood increases, the cost will decrease and even they can become a generally less expensive than traditional wood flooring product. Hopefully this happens because we have to protect the planet and why not use technology to do so. Add to home design vivid colors of forests and the purest nature.

Wood look ceramic tile very impressive ideas that draw a new idea for the faux wood floor with modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage character. The colors are inspired by the colors that alternate according to the seasons have ideas of all kinds of brown, creating a perfect harmony with nature. You will find very original soils with different geometric solutions.

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