Best Stairway Wall Decorating Ideas

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Stairway wall decorating ideas –┬áStaircase walls are an open canvas, ready to be decorated to express your personality and style. You can spend as much or as little as you want to decorate the walls of the staircase; You can shop online, at home decor stores, or yard sales and thrift stores and find everything you need to create your own gallery staircase.

First stairway wall decorating ideas, you have to decorate the walls themselves with paint or wallpaper. Think about what kind of decorations to use as you plan your color scheme. White or other neutral colors go with anything, muted tones look good as background old photo frames, and bright colors can be fun for displaying family photos. Stenciling along the top of the wall gives added emphasis. Prepare the walls carefully before beginning. Painting or wallpapering a ladder is hard work, so you want to make sure the paint or paper stick to the wall for a long time.

Next stairway wall decorating ideas, you can also hang pictures of their immediate family, friends and favorite activities. Hang kids school pictures, make a collage of favorite photos, or display photographs of trips you have taken. You can buy frames game, but many people prefer using frames of different shapes and colors to create a more eclectic look. The mirrors reflect light and make the room look larger where they hang. Choose a variety of mirrors and hang them on your ladder. You can opt for a variety within a particular style, as modern or dated, to create unity without letting it become boring.

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