Best Sliding Door Child Lock

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Sliding door child lock – Sliding doors offer benefits of large windows with functionality of an entry. Unfortunately, they are also a prime target for potential thieves. Most sliding doors feature a unique locking mechanism that is fragile and easily pried open with a tool, cut with a hacksaw, or unlatched by pushing panel. Doors can also be lifted from their tracks from outside. But there are additional security measures homeowners can take to ensure your patio doors.

There are several types of internal locks designed to reinforce sliding door child lock. Most use a slide or bolt and installed on inside edge of door track. Many operated by pulling a pin or by turning a lever. It is important, however, to consider auxiliary locks to keep in mind that you should be able to leave house quickly in case of an emergency, like a fire.

Conversely, if your house has a pool, consider a lock that is safe for children so that children themselves are not able to open sliding door from inside and access pool. Latch locks door from its frame keep door opened horizontally or lifted off their tracks. Best auxiliary sliding door child lock is made of solid metal and use of at least 1 inch bolt.

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