Best Door Slide Lock

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Most door slide lock have a single locking mechanism is weak and easily opened with a tool, cut with a hacksaw or unlocked by pushing given to panel. Doors can also be lifted out of their tracks from outside. But there are additional security measures that homeowners can take to ensure their patio doors.

Strengthen safety bars door slide lock so that doors cannot be opened horizontally. These bars are a popular choice because they are effective and cheap, all you need is a wood or steel cylinder of correct length. Security bars, sometimes also called “Charlie bars”, placed in lower channel of door, between end of sliding glass doors and sliding door. Many security bars can be fixed to door bracket through a screw that holds bar in place until it rises from inside and is folded vertically in holder.

There are several types for interior door locks design to reinforce door slide lock. Most use a pin or a deadbolt and installed on inside edge of door track. Many operated by pulling a pin or rotating a lever. if your house has a pool, consider a lock that is safe for children so that if they are alone are not able to open door from inside and access pool. Locks that lock door frame to prevent door opens horizontally or be lifted from their guides.

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