Best Dog Stairs For Bed

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New Dog Stairs For Bed

Dog stairs for bed – Dogs resting naturally in packs and usually welcome the opportunity to share a bed with their owners. Smaller, older or disabled dogs, however, may not be able to jump on or off a bed and can hurt themselves when trying. Try to bend down to lift a dog on a bed can cause back pain owner. A small staircase can help your dog get to bed safely and easily.

Build a dog stairs for bed, cutting an 8-by-12 rectangle from the two side pieces, using a hand saw. Cut 12-inch sides of the 19¾-inch sides and the 8-inch sides of the 15-inch sides. Sand all the wood pieces to make them smooth. Mount the steps to verify that the pieces fit together well. Glue the board in place with wood glue and let it dry thoroughly.

Mark the placement of the screws when stair pieces fit together well, then drill 5/8 inch screw holes through these selections. Screw boards in place, with a screwdriver. Secure each riser and tread on the spot with three evenly spaced screws on each side. Attach the rear panel to the side panels with four evenly spaced screws on each side. Brush the stain – or primer, then paint – on the steps to improve their appearance and to protect the floor from moisture. Let the stain or paint to dry before continuing. Center a rectangle of carpet on each tread and staple it in place. The mat provides traction; prevent your pet from slipping on the dog stairs for bed.

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