Beautify Bathroom With Wood Plank Tile

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We share these ideas wood plank tile to beautify your bathroom. Floor, wall, ceiling what?  A great idea is to create a single accent wood tile style to soften the overall look and add an interesting texture. You can also toggle between two different wood plank tile tones to differentiate the areas bathing, one for the shower and one for the other areas; or varying shades between floor and wall. Distinction under your feet in the small details are often great feelings, do you think the idea of creating a single element, but beautiful and functional: a kind of style wood bath mat in the areas in front of the sink and shower just outside. !

The touch of class you wanted! Combine the use of wood plank tile in the bathroom style allows you the ability to mix it with other materials and styles to create depth and accentuate its warmth: try to combine style with cement or stone that can be mixed harmoniously with whimsical wood grain. If you already have wood finishes in other areas of your home, especially in the bathroom adjoining rooms, you can seamlessly replicate the same style in your bathroom. This creates a sense of continuity that transmits calm. You know what options you have in this natural style

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