Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Tile

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Quality of reclaimed wood tile is superior to that of a ground of new wood is an open secret that we sometimes forget when approaching a construction project in the false belief because it is high quality wood, They may be more expensive than melamine flooring, laminate wood effect or only a few millimeters with natural wood found in supermarkets.

Reclaimed wood tile has a beautiful patina that cannot be matched or imitated on newly engineered wood flooring. Attempts to do so tend to offer results that do not hide the hypocrisy of the claim. Quality: for two basic reasons; the first because in the past when wood was abundant relative to population, only the best and highly selected woods were used to make pallets. The process of tree growth was natural and the drying of wood before being processed. The second reason is because aging in this timber has reduced its moisture gaining stability.

Reclaimed wood tile is Uniqueness and not only by the unique patina of each soil but because even some woods can no longer obtain on the market of new wood such as mahogany or American chestnut. Value / price: that is evident when comparing the demolition recovered pallets with pallets of the same thickness and new quality.

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