Barb Wood And Wire Fence The Only Alternative

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Wood And Wire Fence Reviews

Wood and wire fence have long been one of the common materials used to protect property boundaries and contain animals. This type of fence is made of sharp winding wire strands lining the surface. These reinforced protrusions proved to be useful in preventing livestock and livestock from challenging the fence.

Sharp ridges can tear or pierce their skin and this will generally cause the animal to refrain from trying to push the fence. Most cattle quickly learn to pay respect to the border of the barbed wire and they maintain a safe distance from the punishing wire. Even people and predators can be prevented from entering the area surrounded wood and wire fence.

Depending on the way wood and wire fence it is structured and the material used by the barbs may be several feet apart on each strand or they can be separated by only a few inches. This fence is pulled tight against the pole before being secured which gives a fence that has almost no flexibility and makes this a difficult obstacle to cross. Fences can use one wire, or several wires to create a barrier that is difficult to cross. In addition to causing pain and injury to animals, barbed wire fences can do the same to humans who accidentally touch them. Even repairs and maintenance can be dangerous and time-consuming. There are many people who feel that the benefits of a barbed wire fence are offset by this problem.


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