Awesome Trundle Bunk Beds

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Best Trundle Bunk Beds Ideas

Trundle bunk beds are useful for a small bedroom as it leaves a space underneath for storage. Use table pieces of chipboard half inch (1.27 centimeters) thick until they form a unit the size of your box spring and your mattress. For a twin size mattress is possible to use a single cut table with the correct dimensions. You can order a table of chipboard to size in a lumber store. Assembles in frame to the base of the bed with pine boards 1×12 inches (2,54×30,48 inches), cut two inches (5.08 centimeters) shorter than the couch both width and along. Use the screws and wood glue the pieces to a rectangular shape.

Trundle bunk beds screw the brackets to the couch and the frame to the base to unite. Using screws (2.54 inches) and put two brackets in each of the corners of the base. Add a wood strip 1×4 inch (2, 54 x 10, 16 inches) along the entire perimeter of the sofa to create an edge to ensure the box spring and mattress. Drill the holes and use the screws and wood glue to fix this strip the couch. Hazel the heads of the screws and applying wood putty. Pole around the couch with sandpaper grit 120. Paint the drive with paint or stain to your liking.

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