Awesome Homemade Patio Furniture

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Want to make homemade patio furniture? Not bad idea deco wooden pallets for a table, an original custom garden bench at low prices! Homemade furniture can be done with pallet recycling or purchased for occasion no matter; approach is fun and easy. Our ideas palette furniture for a garden that placing on wood to its decor

What’s easier to do that homemade patio furniture which naturally finds its place on terrace! For coffee table, two pallets are simply superimposed to obtain a good height on time out glasses for cocktails. Seats consist of a wooden pallet, cut in half lengthwise forming seat, top of another form slightly inclined form back support of chair. Bench is made in same way this time with two wooden pallets assembled and glued. It only remains to ask cushions that can be customized, or if is pressed, purchased ready-made. In this case, it is advisable to have dimensions of cushions with cutting pallets.

Homemade patio furniture is an idea decoration very easy to implement. To give character to this terrace and provide a strong contrast with green of vegetation, pallets, garden furniture made of odds and pitcher wooden deckchair and Recycling drums are painted fuchsia pink. Protecting space looks and gales, wooden screen wall follows movement of flashy color.

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