Attractive White Subway Tile Bathroom

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White subway tile bathroom conveys a sense of cleanliness and helps reflect light around room, making room look attractive and spacious. You can add visual interest to a bathroom that is completely finished in white tile creating patterns with tiles. If you have square tiles, which is limited in its options to a conventional horizontal array or a pattern of diamond tile corners pointing up and down.

If you feel that pure white subway tile bathroom create an overly sterile look in your bathroom, accentuate white tiles with other color or colors. A white surface dotted with random black tiles creates a dynamic surface. White tiled with tiles carefully placed red, blue and yellow liven bath and prevent your walls and floors look too monotonous. White tiled walls can also be complemented by carpets and brightly colored throw towels or attractive illustrations. Use bath mats and curtains to add color to room.

White subway tile bathroom can be used on floors, walls from floor to ceiling, or walls as wainscoting, extending only about 4 feet up walls. These possibilities offer a variety of combinations. For example, your bathroom could have a wooden floor with tiled walls or conversely a tile floor with wood paneling on walls. For maximum cleaning ability and water resistance, a bath all-tile is recommended. White grout should be used between white tiles to provide a consistent color effect.

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