Attractive IKEA Storage Chest

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IKEA Storage Chest Barn

IKEA storage chest provides storage space with drawers in an attractive unit. Although not original intent as decoration, these pieces are a throwback to an era when steamboats trips resulted in long journeys, requiring travelers to pack enough personal property at a time, all in one piece of luggage. Since these parts are durable, many still exist in current functional state, serving as impressive room decor.

Some IKEA storage chest have flat tops, making it ideal for use as a coffee table, side table or a bedside table with drawers for storage. For a coffee table, add a glass table with a long trunk, squatting to protect upper trunk. Smaller, tall trunks serve as tables or bedside tables with storage space inside electronic remote controls or reading materials.

You can also use IKEA storage chest in your coffee bar, turn two or more vertical trunks game in chest in a bar area for entertainment in a corner of an entertainment room. A door or reclaimed wood floor bowling section serves as a top bar, while drawers within logs provide storage space maraschino cherries, waving sticks and glasses. A bar area coffee or formed in same way, with a coffee machine and coffee grinder over bar. Store drawers coffee filters, stir sticks, sugar sachets and cups of espresso.

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