Antique Hidden Gun Cabinet Furniture

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Hidden gun cabinet furniture – Just a few decades ago, gun owners enjoyed showing their pistols in open. They line them up in rows on wall or hung in a cabinet of curiosities. Lately, due to theft and children seize firearms and wounded them, gun owners have moved to hide their weapons. Some gun cabinet ideas that would allow gun owners to show their weapons when they want are needed, but they hide when necessary.

Build a largely similar to a portable closet of your desired choice of wood furniture. Place glass doors at front. During swing doors have glass shelf so that it seems that hidden gun cabinet furniture is just a normal shelf. Place some books on shelves to look inconspicuous. When you have guests over and want to show their gun collection, simply open door shelf and glass doors appear with their entire weapons collection on screen behind them.

Curio hidden gun cabinet furniture is one of easiest to build and is meant more for someone who just wants a safe place to hide weapons instead of displaying them. Take a regular curiosities cabinet and reduce width of shelves half. Remove back of box and put a drill all way back to shelves. Set your weapons inside cabinet and put back true support hinged so that you will have easy access to your collection of weapons.

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