American Wall Decor Kitchen

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IKEA Microwave Cabinet Small Area

The American wall decor kitchens main feature is integrated with the dining or living room, providing the cooking or washing dishes join the conversation room. And to decorate the wall that faces facing the other area of ​​your home, you have several alternatives. The most used and preferred by those who do not like too daring decorator use the same material used in the room, as the wood used on the door and furniture.

Another alternative for those who prefer a more American wall decor classic, understated decor with neutral colors and no unusual effects, is to invest in cabinets for the kitchen and utensils with a single color (can be a basic, neutral color) and opt for stainless steel appliances, which maintain the environment with no flashy style.

Use a different American wall decor or choose colored tiles (or use stickers for tiles) may be the special touch that was lacking in the decor of your kitchen which consequently reflect into the room.  You can also position only a cupboard on the wall that faces the room, and this wall to sink is attached. And here, if you like daring colors or patterns, you can opt for bright colors and fun designs.

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