Amazing IKEA Toy Kitchen Is Built In A Minute

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IKEA Toy Kitchen And Dining

IKEA toy kitchen – Although we do not speak, or only understand him you are there any toy that your little is clamoring for this Christmas? How a kitchen toy? It will certainly be the star gift this Christmas. It is still little to choose what to ask for in the letter of Santa Claus and the Magi, but every time he gets to play alone in her room preparing little meals for their dolls. When you see a catalog will go eyes, and when entering IKEA will direct.

This amazing IKEA toy kitchen is built in a minute: There is only that encasing on a regular chair. The oven door is closed with Velcro and there is numerous options sufficient storage for all of our young chef’s gadgets. It is easy to carry even travel, and can keep it in a drawer. The fabric is made ​​from solid linen, raw and free of contaminants. Colored fabrics are 100% cotton, can be machine washed at 40 ° C. The cover fits virtually any kitchen chair.

Comfortable kitchenette portable wooden, fairly light and easily foldable. To move it from side to side and mount it in a jiffy on a shelf, a table, a chair or where you can think of. This lovely little IKEA toy kitchen will not go unnoticed at home. Unparalleled design and a contrast of materials left speechless I want her to me!

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