Alluring Wood Looking Ceramic Tile

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Wood looking ceramic tile – I am sure you have drawn attention on more than one occasion tiled floors, mosaic tiles; colors intermingle and draw stage of a house. Truth is that tiles and alternate give a special touch to homes, but it is also true that a house with tiled floors is somewhat cold and less friendly than wood. For this reason I propose an idea with which we can enjoy special touch of a tile while warmth and comfort provided by wood, but how?

Normally used wood looking ceramic tile in kitchen and in bathroom because they are places where soil suffers more and it is easier to care for and clean than wood, but we can play with combinations and dare to place tiles in other places, e.g. defining areas of a room.

If our kitchen is attached to living room we can use and create wood looking ceramic tile rectangle in kitchen area and leave rest with wooden flooring, how much two zones, one idea is to place tiles on one side of hall and from hall, entrance to house is most suffered because we come with dirty shoes from rain, mud … and thus avoid damaging floor. We can be even more daring and interleave wood floors in same soil, making geometric games and making an original effect without creating drastic changes, but integrating two materials together.

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