Alluring Beveled White Subway Tile

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Beveled white subway tile is fairly large, although they have narrow joints that make them easy to clean. Consider installing them on bathroom walls as an alternative to square ceramic tiles. Use alternating pattern of traditional brick or stacking subway tiles on columns to add a modern touch to this classic material. If wall is too smooth, add a line or ceramic mosaic tiles halfway up to break surface or add color. Subway tiles can also be used in a shower to cover walls. Add hexagonal tiles for bathroom floor to complement this look.

Consider using beveled white subway tile to create a back wall above your kitchen countertops or sink. Instead of staying regular granite or tile, subway tile used as a unique alternative. This is particularly effective for homeowners with a retro decor or classic kitchen. Use white tiles for a bright and clean or mix and match colors to complement your existing color scheme look. You can even create your own installation pattern that combines vertical and horizontal tiles in a specific design.

For those trying to stay true to a classic beveled white subway tile, it is important to pay attention to profile of each tile. Meter traditional tile had square edges, whereas many newer models edges have decreased as those found in ceramic tiles. small detail can create a completely different appearance once tiles are installed.

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