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There are some cases in which the bias is inadequate and should not be encouraged. Reporting the News, for example or judging some kind of competition is two cases in which the bias can cause harm. However, the bias is appropriate when it comes to the safety of others (both humans and animals), so today’s debate is about the advantages and disadvantages of wireless dog fence containment systems

When it comes to the infamous wireless dog containment systems, also known as wireless dog fence, of course, there are some advantages to using with your dogs (Why should dog owners buy them?) However, these professionals are in greatly exceeded by the cons that come with them. A time has passed since electric dog training collars have been receiving a bit of heat from dog owners in recent times.

However, many dog trainers have advocated the use of these shock collars on dogs, as long as you buy a high quality collar and learn how to use it correctly. This is key to ensuring that your pet will not be harmed. If they get loose they could hurt themselves or harm another person. A dog running without supervision is never a good thing, but there are more human ways to keep them in your yard than by using a wireless dog fence.


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