Affordable Tile To Wood Floor Transition

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A common and inexpensive for tile to wood floor transition between tiled room options is a transition strip. A strip of transition is a thin section of vinyl or wood that fit between two floor sections to create a threshold. Although there are several types of transition strips designed to suit a variety of combinations of soil, most bands include a hook that fits underneath floor and a lip that bends above ground to create a clean edge. Tile to wood floor transition strips are largely functional on style; are available in a limited number of styles and colors, usually they serve wood floors. They are convenient and inexpensive, but can interrupt visual flow between tile floors.

You can use a mosaic pattern tile to wood floor transition to signify a transition from room to room. One option is to create a threshold using leftover pieces of tile matching. Cut small triangles of wider sections of tile matching and triangles in an alternating pattern to create a simple threshold between spaces. For a more artistic design, additional tiles break into small pieces and put in a simple mosaic; fill spaces with a darker grout to create visual contrast. If tiles in each room not match, choosing a neutral color tile in gray, cream or brown to create a single mosaic pattern. small 2-inch square tiles stacked two rows are an easy option for transition between rooms.

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