Affordable Tile That Looks Like Hardwood

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Tile that looks like hardwood very suitable for bathrooms and kitchens is not recommended where the stage as their deterioration is far more advanced. The resemblance is truly amazing in color and texture from the current technology for creating materials that look natural and what is best, keeping technical products of high performance features.

We cannot say we do not like or tile that looks like hardwood used in our projects but it is true that the ceramic flooring has many advantages. Durability, if it is true that the smaller stone can scratch the wood is a reality that can be seen scuff marks on the busiest areas of the house; plus some problems with the layers of varnish that will make the product age rapidly.

Hygiene is achieved. The cleaner is always the ceramic floor as the work of a mop is much more effective because of its low level of absorption. The price of tile that looks like hardwood does not vary much from one another as we can find from 30 to 50 Euros per square meter and even more economical than a timber. Variety of formats, from the parquet sheets type, format and colors. And you can even put on the outside and enduring frost.

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