Affordable Ideas Ikea Vinyl Storage

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Ikea Vinyl Storage Cube

IKEA vinyl storage – One of enemies of vinyl collector is space. place where you store your collection is very important for conservation. Misplaced discs can bend time. Also, if you are in a place where sunlight strikes them may become hot and expand, damaging sound of their grooves. In this article, some simple keys to sort properly, and some ideas of furniture that can be recycled for this purpose we will give.

We are of opinion that if you really make an investment to have a good ikea vinyl storage collection, it is desirable that invest in furniture that your vinyl safe. A cheap solution is to recycle objects to make them perfect classifiers for your records. One of most common is fruit boxes. They have perfect dimensions to store your records, and also facilitate their classification.

Other interesting furniture is some ancient soil classifiers, which give option to order them more easily, and prevents spoilage from rubbing against each other. In this sense we have also seen people using dryer’s dishes to order your vinyl records. A seedy version of earlier proposed. Other furniture that can be used as IKEA vinyl storage are shoemakers, which give option to keep them well protected from light and animals. A problem of this furniture is that sometimes have wheels, or that its doors are open unstable and easily. It may be case that you give a blow inadvertently and shoot your discs which catapult. We speak from experience.

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