Admirable White Hex Tile

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Would you repeat again and customize your home in a truly original way? It offers a trendy idea to take consideration- namely: white hex tile! It has a great artistic aspect and goes to every room according to its size, finish and color. Whether large format tiles or a hexagonal tile mosaic in bathroom, in hallway or in dining room, these aesthetic hexagons adapt perfectly to every style of interior decoration. Let’s see some admirable examples!

Choice of color of tiles is somewhat important. If you like Mediterranean style, then you can choose a design faux natural stone, travertine, decorative accents patchwork or cement tiles. Moroccan style favors blue hexagonal tiles, while classical interiors can enjoy a white hex tile marble in form of aesthetic mosaic. There are even designs that perfectly imitate wood massif- a good choice for both rustic contemporary styles.

Beside white hex tile, another interesting variant of alternative shaped floor tile is “Tex” currently very fashionable. Its name comes from “textile” and it is not by chance. What these tiles have to do with textile, is structure of surface. Their finishing door footprints different tissues were then transferred on triangular tiles, diamonds, cubes 3D patterns etc. This unique technology enables super attractive and original designs that you can admire through photos above.

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