Adjusting The Legs On An Ikea Galant Cabinet

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White Kidney Shapaed Ikea Galant Cabinet

Ikea galant cabinet – Galant is a line of tables IKEA. There are two main types of desks Galant: One has two legs, and the other has four legs at an angle. Both types of legs are adjustable. If you need a greater or lesser service to meet your needs, legs offer a choice of height and require no special tools to adjust.

Turn round tourist ikea galant cabinet. Insert the tip of an Allen wrench into the hole to fit half a leg. Turn the Allen wrench clockwise slowly as his assistant lifts the top of the table and keeps well “feet” of the leg are off the floor. Hold your feet and rotate clockwise to increase the table and to the left to lower it.

Reinsert the Allen wrench and tighten. Repeat steps 1 through 4 on the other side of the table, check that both legs are even. Four-Leg ikea galant cabinet. Hold the bottom of one leg with his hand near the “foot”. Have your helper lift the top of the table slightly to facilitate adjustment easier.

Turn the bottom of the left leg. You slide down tube from the top of the leg will feel. Push the bottom up to the lower table or pull it down to the table above. Rotate the lower leg to the right to block once you reach the desired height. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the remaining three legs until the table is even.

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