A Corner For Meditation Room Decor

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Meditation room decor  – To create a space, where you can enjoy a break in the peace of meditation, within your own home it does not take much, the most important thing is that it is a place that makes us feel well and in harmony with ourselves. Nor is it necessary a large space, just an Anglo bedroom, the place of the house where it’s easier to find silence and to isolate you.

A corner away from the port from which still have the view of the entrance to the meditation room decor, not to be caught with a start, if entry. I feel that the angle of spirituality should be built according to the taste of each, and inside will host a few items, but very significant for those who will make her that space.

I also think that the corner should provide for a system of “closing” pleasant and decorative, such as curtains or a screen that integrates arm

First, support structure of the tent curtains fixed to the wall and ceiling that can be made with bamboo stalks. Bamboo is a flexible material very durable, but is also a symbol of spirituality, the ancient Chinese, in fact, saw the growth of the bamboo that is done segment by segment the analogy with man’s spiritual growth.

Second, a strip of cloth or a paper or wood panel on which to paint symbols (in this case the symbol / sends the heart chakra) or pin pictures of deities or simply hang a white cloth or colored. For the curtains closed so it is thought to use, quite simply of meditation room decor.

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